Japanese Auctions

YAMAGIN CORPORATION provides you with access to a-automarket.com auction system, which has the following advantages over other similar systems:

  1. A unique (very easy and fast) search engine that helps you to find any car on the Japanese automobile auctions:
    • search for 2WD/4WD
    • including trucks of all types (names of cars and their modifications are written in English)
    • search for Special Equipment (valves, mixers, refrigerators, trucks, tractors, thermoses, cement transport units, etc.), including search by keywords
    • the ability to search for European, American, Korean car models
    • search for the cars with left ruddler
    • search by any keyword
    • by lot number
    • by incomplete frame number
    • search for damaged cars
    • search by auction estimates
    • search for cars 5 days prior to the auction date
  2. Every day, 90,000 - 130,000 cars available for viewing and bidding.
  3. The relevance of information. Updates in real-time from 113 Japanese car and motorcycle auctions, including OnePrice auctions (auctions with fixed price).
  4. Our clients make their own bets in real time! You can make your bet anytime starting 5 days before the auction, even during the auction!
  5. Our clients control their own purchase price for the car auction.
  6. Convenient search for auction statistics. You can search by the frame number, lot number and other parameters.
  7. Summary statistics calculates the average price of cars, as well as display price changes graphics on the cars.

You want to find you a car at auction FAST? Every day hundreds of people use our system.

Registered in our system, you will be able to fully enjoy all these benefits!

Registration in our system is completely free and will take a couple of minutes. Sign up now and enjoy all the advantages and benefits of working with our system!