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    More than 120 Car Auctions of Japan
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    More than 120 Car Auctions of Japan
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    More than 90,000 Cars Every Day
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    More than 90,000 Cars Every Day
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YAMAGIN CORPORATION - a leading Japanese export company, which provides services for the selection, acquisition and delivery of cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and special vehicles from auctions in Japan. We are on the market for over 30 years. Annual sales amount to more than 10,000 cars to different countries, allowing us to develop quickly. YAMAGIN CORPORATION - a registered member of all major car auctions such as: USS, ARAI, TAA, JAA, CAA, HAA, IAUC, etc., which allows us to give access to more than 90,000 vehicles per day in Japan. By using our services, you will appreciate the advantages of working with us.


Agent Fee

Our agent fee depends on the price of the car you are buying from the auction:

(all prices are CIF and nominated in Japanese Yen)

0 - 1 500 000 agent fee is 220000

1 501 000 - 2000000 agent fee is 240000

2 000 001 - 2 500 000 agent fee is 260000

2 501 000 - 3 000 000 agent fee is 290000

3 000 001 - 3 500 000 agent fee is 320 000

And if the car is Hiace /Caravan class car then agent fee is - 320000

For fixed price cars auction charge additional fee in an amount of 10 000 yen.


Our Services

Dear customers, our service a-automarket.com gives you the opportunity to determine the manufacture date of the car, which is defined on the page of a chosen car. You need to enter the manufacturer and chassis number as shown in the following example.


Yahoo! Japan Auction

One of our services - the purchase and delivery to customers of various goods from Japanese auction - Yahoo! JAPAN. We are a company that offers its customers the opportunity to purchase any lots. The wheels, alloy wheels, body parts, body kits, household goods, watches, accessories, clothing, the leading brands and much more - you can buy all, using our services.

Read more: Yahoo! Japan Auction

Special Offers

YAMAGIN CORPORATION will provide visa support for regular customers to visit Japanese Auctions, and buy cars and other vehicles.

Please, contact us if you have questions about visas.

Dear customers, we inform you that before shipment all cars go through radiation inspection, to be sure that they are safe to be exported from Japan. Also, our company is able to provide you with on-demand photo measuring levels of radiation of purchased cars, located in the port of Yokohama. You can be sure that there is no danger in cars that we supply.